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About Christine Fisher

Christine Fisher was born in a railroad switching town caught between skyscrapers, fields, and steel mills. As a kid on a bike from the first hoodie generation, she received a radioactive paper cut in a shadowy dime store where the afternoon light was always somehow hushed, glowing slowly betwixt the drifting dust motes as though time itself was getting sleepy. In the shadows of the towering shelves of massive, incomprehensible office machines, possibly the last bottles of office fountain pen ink in existence beckoned with the promise of glowing under UV light. Since that fateful day, her life of fountain pens and inks, books piled high, and an ever-increasing stash of craft supplies for experimentation has followed a color-filled and texturally satisfying course.

A biologist and writer by formal training, her previous and ongoing adventures include: calligraphy, journalism, event photography, creative writing, sewing and embroidery, quality assurance, role playing games, cooking, baking, podcasting, copy editing, knitting, spinning yarns, and the pursuit of new and improved art skills.

She currently lives in a land tucked between a different set of skyscrapers, taco trucks, and all those technology companies by the sea. She misses the frequent trains hooting like owls in the night’s distance.


Her artwork has been most recently published in The Blasphemous Tome ezine and appears on the Mythgard website.