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Bunnicula goes digital

Digital overpainting of graphite drawing of a rabbit
I vaaaant to juice your carrots!

Did anyone else love the Bunnicula series of books by James Howe as a kid? The twitchy little nose and the dread? I found it at just the right age to be both scared and fascinated. I got the box set at the school book fair, many full moons ago.  My reaction to the world of these books was probably one of the earliest hints at my spooky-fun inclinations.


Yes, I used my older bun drawing as a starting point for digital experimentation. I’m still making friends with Procreate (and still hate the name; weird use of a word for reproduction). Some online courses on painting in Procreate should help, especially with making friends with the watercolor brush sets. So expect more digital learning projects this year.


You can find a video of the process of digitally painting over the drawing sped up to Barry Allen levels over at my Instagram:

Last week, I passed a middle school electronic billboard that announced that their Scholastic book fair was that day.  Like many folks on the internet, I think a book fair day for adults, complete with paper book covers to cover, stickers, and bookmarks, is really a missed opportunity. It would sure add a lot more to *my* morale than Hawaiian shirt Fridays or pizza in the breakroom! Let me know what you most miss from book fairs, or what you think a book fair for grown-ups should include with the contact form or email me or, y’know, find me at any of the social media thingies at the bottom of the screen.

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