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More Beauty In Our Utility Objects

Last year, I got a Kindle PaperWhite, and of course it needed a case. The price of commercial cases generally cheeses me off, so I used fabric leftovers to sew one instead, with a little measurement adjustment and adding of additional pockets (why yes, it does have pockets!). My current favorite case pattern, which worked so well that I then used it again a few months ago when my husband got a PaperWhite, is at

I could have left it at that. I had enough coordinating fabrics that I liked, I’d added space for a thin little notebook under the device and a place to clip a pen. Plan well made, convenient carryalong and screen protection. Huzzah. It’s just… for all my utilitarian desire for my tools and storage to work well and fit just so, I also want them to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s part of wanting not more stuff, but just-right stuff that going to last. More ‘me’ stuff. Things that will specifically make me happy to handle and use them.

It’s not irrelevant that I was having one of my periodic hankerings to do some embroidery, and mid-pandemic meant I didn’t have any costumery to fit into that urge. Thread-painting, aka silk painting, is time-consuming, slow, fiddly work. It’s my catnip, for all my leanings towards not spending extra time on steps that could be done more efficiently. I’m very for using the really right tool or technique for the job, which leads to a lot of multi-media and multi-discipline artwork and crafting in general. Mid-pandemic, I really needed the soothing activity of stabbing a piece of cloth hundreds and hundreds of times with pretty colors of thread.

That brings us to the front panel fabric being linen, and my Kindle Paperwhite cover becoming a lot sweeter and friendlier.

needlework fox

Because of course I wasn’t going to just stitch a cute saying or a medieval curse against book thieves on it when I could spend a whole day just selecting all the shades of the thread colors and get three times as many hours of stress relief out of the project!

This case makes me happy every time I handle it.

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