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What Would Ingres Do?

If you’re Googling ‘Ingres’ to make sense of that, don’t worry. Right there with you, except that his work keeps showing up in art instruction books and it’s pretty amazeballs. So while I was trying to get to grips (heh, I am not a good person) with drawing with an Apple pencil on a slick glass screen and half-watching TV, I scribbled studies of whatever interesting image did not require leaving the bed. Like this study of a drawing by Ingres from a figure drawing book.

black and white ingres study

Clearly, I need to work more on human facial anatomy and figure drawing and drapery. Also, why don’t we have more free-flowing drapery in our daily lives? And a wider variety of hats and cloaks? But I digress. Pretty sure that Ingres would also have loved the heck on out of working with layers and an unlimited undo button, but maybe not the plastic pen nub slipping along on slick glass. Maybe that’s just me; I don’t even like smooth-pressed papers for drawing. Happily, there are all sorts of pen tips and screen films to replace the usual pen-paper friction. I’m still trying to figure out what suits me.

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